20/20 Online Mentoring Program for Coaches

More than success in business, is my experience in running Australia's two largest coach training businesses. Add to that, being a successful Executive Coach for more than a decade and meeting hundreds of people who are training to be coaches.


I know business. I know coaching. I also know there are more coaches failing than succeeding in business. Success is just beyond your reach.

Here's How it Goes...

You want your life to change. The next 5-10 years must be different to the last.

You are smart, kind, empathetic. You are known as the go-to person when others need help, advice, a good ear and support. 

You dream of turning your natural abilities into your income and financial independence.

                          You attend an inspiring FREE coach training event and you find your tribe!

                                You sign-up and start training as you learn even more about yourself.

                                     You are meeting like-minded people in the training room.


                                         You're loving the learning and self-discovery.


                                         The pressure of finding new clients to coach is starting to build!

The more you coach, the more you grow, the more you love being a coach.

Your training is coming to an end or it has ended. You are now seeking out Mastery courses.

Time and training has taught you to be a sensational coach - you have invested a great deal of time and money and passion into this to date and yet you have no idea where to start to build your business. 

You have an inconsistent trickle of money that comes in from coaching, but it's nowhere near the income you need, let alone want.


You have limited money to spend on business building and a head filled with doubt, peppered with days of truly believing 'you can do this!'.

You know what you have to give and who you want to serve but you're not entirely sure how to package that up into a product and service.

Sales fills you with fear.

Marketing is an annoying word.

Asking for money is something that doesn't come easy to you.

You start noticing courses to build client lists everywhere but you doubt their

success and question your own motivation to do what you dislike doing to

get the clients you need. 

You're frustrated. You're stuck!

If this is you - I might just have what you need.

Complete the form below and tell me who you have trained with (as a coach) and what you have been certified in to date (NLP etc). I'll send you a private survey to complete and details of my online (and offline) coach mentoring program. You'll then decide if this is right for you.


Worried you'll be suckered into buying something you don't want and can't afford? Well keep worrying and do nothing and see how that creates results for you. 

Helen x

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