To work with Helen as your Coach and go-to Confidante, you must be in a Professional Leadership role or a position of Influence in Business or the Community. Helen's style is strong, challenging, enthusiastic, authentic and a mix of coaching | mentoring | training | collaborative brainstorming | accountability | support. You get to work fast - NO FLUFF!

Online Australia-wide | In-person Melbourne | 60-90 Minute Sessions | Package into a Set of 6 to Save

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For Individuals - Executives | Leaders | Entrepreneurs | Business Owners


With over 30 years in Business and over a decade in Professional Coach Services, there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared! Manufacturing | Education | Training | Wholesale Distribution | Retail Sales | Online Community Building | Charity Founder | Business Starter... When it comes to making classic leadership / business building mistakes, I HAVE MEADE THEM ALL and have the learning to show for it! 

Online Australia-wide | In-person Melbourne | 60-90 Minute Sessions | Package into a Set of 6 to Save

Coaches: Go to this page for more about my 20/20 Coach mentor Program.

The Mentoring I received throughout my career allowed me to stand on the shoulders of giants with confidence, as I swan-dived into the abyss of the new and unknown. 

To work with Helen as your Mentor and Accountability Buddy, you can be a Coach struggling to grow your business, a Business owner, a Leader or an Executive.

Want to know more about Mentoring with Helen? Call her! No push, no hard-sell, no commitment. 0401 792 366

For Individuals - Coaches | SME Owners | Executive Leaders


The training Helen delivers is customised to the specific outcome you want for your group/team. Popular outcomes Helen works with are: Exceptional Communication | High Performing Teams | Culture Development | Leadership Foundations | Effective Problem Solving. If you have an outcome you want an expert human behaviouralist to deliver - with fun, engagement, interaction and challenge - give Helen a call.

Australia wide | Min. 4 hrs for a single training | Package into weekly or monthly sessions to maximize results.

Want to know more about Training with Helen? Call her! No push, no hard-sell, no commitment. 0401 792 366

For Groups | Teams | Organisations


Experienced, ​professional, confident, brand-sensitive. In Helen you are hiring an addition to your team.

I will want to know your audience profile, your key outcomes for the event, any sensitivities attached to the event (cultural or other). My role is to elevate your brand and event. I represent you and you can be rest-assured you're in great hands.

Keynote themes: Women in Business | The Pursuit of Happiness | Making Your Passion Your Profession | The Success Trap 

Want to know more about hiring Helen as your Keynote or MC? Call her! 0401 792 366

I was fortunate enough to be able to support Helen in some of her public speaking engagements and consider her to be one of the most; confident, resourceful, creative and practical speakers out there. She has an amazing sense of humour, an ability to make people feel really comfortable in the room and most importantly, speaks from her own leadership, coaching and personal development journey that allows her to relate to anyone and everyone.

A. Singh Gill

Helen's keynote at a Little Black Dress Group function was amazing, inspiring, thought provoking and actionable all wrapped in one. Her passion for individual success, building leadership mindsets and each and every one of us taking control of our own journey came across from the moment she started speaking to the closing Q&A. Personable and professional, informative and inspiring, energetic and passionate, I continuously learn something new every time I hear Helen speak.

J Garner

I recently had the pleasure to see Helen in action at a Women's LBD Group seminar on Business in the 21st Century. The attendees were women entrepreneurs, business owners and from large corporations. Helen brought humour and a level of authenticity that resounded with all. Her insights about the power of self, valuing the contributions of family and finding your "ideal average day, consistently" was a very powerful gift to leave with the audience. Thank you Helen, the time spent with you was truly enlightening and fun. 

Sharon Smith

Upon Request



A qualified and experienced Coach has a toolkit and a trained methodology to employ, that enables the client to relax, trust, open their mind and expand their limits in a private environment. A Coach will not give advice, but rather ask high quality questions that allow the client to go beyond the boundary of what they know into what they choose to now explore. Without this process, information stays as information – useless. Information becomes powerful only when we take action. A coach guides the client and their mindset to that space beyond the current boundary walls of the mind, to a space where new ideas can be actioned without subconscious resistance.



Like coaching, an experienced and trained mentor will ask great quality questions. They will also share their practical and appropriate experiences with you, so as to add texture and depth to the session, in a metaphorical manner. When seeking a mentor, make sure they have walked a few thousand kilometres in your shoes. Mentoring is beneficial to both mentor & mentee, it is a shared learning environment reaping great rewards.



A great trainer knows when to ask a question to allow the trainee to work it out for themselves (coaching), when to share a relevant story that gives the trainee a road-map of what they might do (mentoring) and when to instruct the trainee how to do it, step by step (training).


Unless engaged as a specific service provider, I tend to blend all 3 toolkits into my delivery methodology, so as to guide my client beyond their limits and then teach them how they (we) did that, so they can then use the skills when leading others. I have found this to be my unique difference in the coaching space. I share the tools.

What's the difference?

Coaching v Mentoring V Training

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