A New YOU or a New VIEW?

December 14, 2015

Is your professional position giving you anxiety and frustration?



It's the time of year when restless executives start itching for a new position. Waiting on the promises made by the organisation to change the culture and mindset is growing old for you.


You're tired of waiting.


So why wait?


What if I told you, that you have more choices and influence than you currently believe?


What if YOU were able to turn the culture and mindset around, if only within your direct team and department; could you then imagine heightened levels of fulfilment and enjoyment in your current role & organisation?


We (executive human's) tend to leave the environment when we don't feel satisfied. Or we stay and suffer in silence. Sure, leaving, in some cases, is exactly the right thing to do. However (you knew there was going to be one), in many cases, there are choices not considered let alone exercised by these professionals. The executive bounce (as I call it) comes to those who are waiting for the environment to make the decisions and actions that will have them feel better - they start bouncing from one job to another in search of nirvana.


So if you are one of the many who are using the impending start of the New Year to contemplate career or employer change, as you seem to be drowning in a culture of [insert negative trait here], take some time to consider the influence YOU have upon the situation and how you might choose to use it, in an manner that creates a ripple of change for others, as well as you.


Imagine how you will feel when you are taking action that creates positive influence and clear road signs for others to use. You are part of the solution.


Not sure where to start or how to do it?


Get help! Would you service your own car, cut your own hair or build your next home? There are specialists for your mind - access them!


Be an Influencer, feel inspired and get back in the drivers seat of your own career.


A new YOU comes from having a new VIEW internally and seizing the opportunity to effect change externally.  


Meanwhile - here are some tips for you to contemplate...


1. Get crystal clear on what triggers your frustration/s. Is it people / process / other?


2. Write down all of the action strategies you have deployed so far, in the pursuit of a solution for all (if it's good for all it has more chance of being a real solution).


3. What expectations did you have (of people or the business) in order feel great about your work? And, were these expectations reasonable and fair?


4. Who have you discussed your situation with? Did you choose people who could influence the situation?


5. What if part of the current challenge involves you and your mindset? Have you contemplated this yet? Especially if it involves a person and how they 'make you feel'. Could you think a different way about the same situation? 


One thing I know for sure (thank you Oprah) and have coached a number of executives on throughout the years... There is always a different side of the moon to observe.


Happy New Year - Happy New Mindset.






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